I intend to add the description for the style hands up.
I tried to 'add new one like this' based on hard trance. Though clicking 'save' did nothing, so I recycle it and added a new page instead. https://reference.discogslabs.com/wiki/Hands-Up

In case you want to read more about the style.
C-Dog's post in the thread New electronic styles added
Was ist das Hands Up Wiki? - Hands Up Wiki
Visier: Elektronische Musik - Teil 1: Hands Up - News - HardBase.FM
http://wayback.archive.org/web/20141107210536/http://www.hardbase.fm/news/7971-im-visier-elektronische-musik-teil-1-hands-up Im
Hands up – Wikipedia
Hands Up! Releases | Fresh news from Hands Up! scene.

Styles appear to be created using this page: https://reference.discogslabs.com/add/style

However, it also seems to be broken, because there's no field for the name of the style so when you try and save it you get "'title' is a required property", "'title' is too short"

I reported this with a ticket, but it was closed with a response that suggests they only thought I was talking about ordinary broken links.

​Hi. We'll need to add these new styles in manually. I have made a request to the developers to do this. Many thanks!

What is the staus of this feature? It would be nice to add relevant Styles to further flesh out user choices. Thanks.

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