I did some minor edits to my page at https://reference.discogslabs.com/wiki/CMTA-genre-codes-and-SPCN-codes only to find that all of the HTML code defining the tables has been wiped. I realize that the code I used was hideous, but how is this allowed to happen without warning? Without those tables, the page is much less useful.

I might as well respond to myself, since this place is dead.

I tried replacing the table with a Mediawiki-style table formatted in, and copied from, https://www.tablesgenerator.com/ , but that didn't work. I then saw that this site supposedly supports Markdown, read the documentation about that formatting style, saw that it supports HTML tables, so then tried HTML tables. It turns out that that formatting is also not supported.

I then tried converting the table into a series of bullet lists, but none of the three options for bullet lists work either. So much for supporting Markdown!

Now the various lists are just barely-legible paragraphs, because of all the bugs.

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