I'm a bit of a Discogs newbie, and have a lot of classical albums that don't appear in the database. My OCD is irritated by the seeming randomness of artist/ensemble names for classical disks.

I did search for an answer to this, but couldn't find anything. Is there an accepted order for artist names for different kinds of composition. Example possibilities (my idea of most appropriate in bold) include:

Conductor, Orchestra, Composer
Orchestra, Conductor, Composer
Composer, Conductor, Orchestra
Composer, Orchestra, Conductor

Soloist, Orchestra, Conductor, Composer
Orchestra, Soloist, Conductor, Composer
Composer, Soloist, Orchestra, Conductor
Composer, Orchestra, Soloist, Conductor

Ensemble, (additional members), Composer
Performer, Performer, (Performer), Composer
Composer, Ensemble, (additional members)
Composer, Performer, Performer, (Performer)

Would love some feedback so I can make submissions with some confidence that I'm doing it right.

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