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Latin music refers to music originating from Latin America namely Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the Americas and the Caribbean. Latin American music also incorporates African music from slaves who were to transported to the America by European and settles as well as music from Indigenous peoples of the Americas. The first of those encapsulates all music styles generated from Latin countries, such as salsa, merengue, tango, compas, bossa nova and bachata; as well as other styles derived from a more mainstream genre, such as Latin pop, rock, jazz and reggaeton.

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RobertoArredondo posted 4 years ago:

I would like the following 2 styles of music added under the Latin tag:
1. Huapango - which is usually an instrumental, from Mexico, but also played in conjunto or norteno music.
2. Orquesta - which is the origin of later styles like "Onda Chicana" or "Tejano" that began to be called that in the 1970s, but "orquesta" was called that in the 1960s, and even earlier.

RobertoArredondo posted 4 years ago:

I would like the following styles added to the Country, Folk & World genre tag:
1. Americana - a blending of both country & folk music, that is "neither" entirely, but has a little of both, also the "singer-songwriter" style is missing, so Americana could also cover a lot of these singer-songwriters.
2. Traditional UK Folk (which would cover Irish, Scottish & English) - that would cover music like that of modern artists (like Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, 100s of others) that go back to covering older material from the 1800s, or even earlier.

MamboMadness posted 2 years ago:

I have a pet peeve I'd like to share regarding the tag of the term Salsa. As most of us whom are knowledgeable in Latin music, this term known as Salsa was coined in the very late 60's by the baby boomers of that generation, to include all of these new arrangements of OLD compositions written and played YEARS before many of use were born. Many of those recordings from the 50's did not include any terminology regarding the specific style or rhythm, but if you listen to them, it is in fact what is categorized as Salsa. But when I submitted an old release of late 50's and included the tag of Salsa, it was re-edited, removed, and justified with the statement of: "This predates Salsa" in the notes.
So my question is; if the majority of this recordings released by Fania during their start up of the 60's were made from old Cuban compositions which were primarily Son, Son Montunos, Guarachas, etc. but rebranded to Salsa as a marketing tool for that generation, why can't we use this same tag for those old recordings which were released YEARS BEFORE this term of Salsa was used?

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