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Acid Rock is a form of Rock Music which evolved from Psychedelic Rock
and Psychedelic Music in general. Although Acid Rock is very similar to
Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock has more Blues, Folk, and Hard Rock aspects,
than most Psychedelic Music. Just like Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock also has its
origins in the mid-1960s.

It has also been noted that Acid Rock is considered to be more Heavy, Harsh, Hard, and Louder sound than its Psychedelic influences. Also, the lyrics usually contain drug references, and has long, usually improvised guitar solos, with distinct effects.

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MIKKIMAXWELL posted 5 years ago:

With this genre start's even a Black Sabbath in 70's but that's this music ain't called sludge/stoner ETC. I'm also sick of this so-called "sub-genres" but what we can do?!...This is 21st century!

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