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The Berlin School is a style of electronic music that emerged in the 1970s.[1] An offshoot of Krautrock, Berlin School was so named because most of its early practitioners were based in West Berlin, Germany. It was shaped by artists such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Manuel Gottsching. Innovative Berlin School recordings were a precursor of ambient music.

The genre's identification with space music distinguished it from the more percussive and rhythm-oriented Düsseldorf School, which included Can, Cluster, Kraftwerk, and Neu!. These latter bands have had a greater impact on synthpop and techno, while the Berlin School was a wellspring for ambient, electronica, new-age and trance.

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Dreamtime posted 8 months ago:

This style is NOT shown in the Filter list within the Marketplace, when entered the genre Electronic. Could this be fixed?

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