Catalan Music


elacumulador posted 1 year ago:

Catalan music is music in the Catalan language or created in the Catalan Countries. It has also been understood as Catalan music all the music composed and interpreted in one of these cases:

  • Music produced by Catalan people, whether they be performers or composers. Mostly composers who produce (or produced) their work for a Catalan context, but also those who did or did it outside the Catalan Countries. Probably the most emblematic case is that of the guitarist Ferran Sor (Fernando Sor), Padre Antonio Soler (The Father Antoni Soler) is also significant. In this section, there are also some prominent interpreters. We can cite as examples Tete Montoliu or Montserrat Caballé.

  • Music of anonymous author kept and located in a Catalan fund and which is supposed to be created in the Catalan Countries; that is to say, for a Catalan context without having the certainty of the author's nationality. An example would be the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat.

  • Music produced by people from other places, but who worked, if not a part of their lives, in and for a Catalan context. A relevant case is that of Joan Brudieu, or Gato Pérez.

  • Styles or genres that have arisen in the Catalan Countries and have a specificity with respect to other similar genres, typical of other lands. This is the case of the Rumba Catalana (Catalan rumba) or Habaneras.

In the case of modern music, and specifically rock and related genres, the term is more controversial since some link the "Catalan" qualification to the language used in song texts. According to this meaning, Catalan rock would be rock with text in Catalan.

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