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Classic Rock was a genre mostly defined by US FM radio formats in the 1970s, growing out of the earlier Album Oriented Rock (AOR) format. It was a harder, often Blues and Prog influenced style and was a reaction against both Punk / New Wave and Disco.

This style is not correctly applied to sixties or 70s Pop Rock, Beat or Garage Rock bands, such as The Beatles, The Yardbirds or The Rolling Stones (pre 1970).

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biff-mccloud posted 2 years ago:

can the Classic Rock style be applied to releases that weren't (aren't) actually played on classic rock radio, even if they have comparable musical elements? I'm thinking of something like Ron Wood's first few solo albums, which preceded the founding of classic rock radio and were probably never played on the format once it was developed. So sure, his music sounds like the Rolling Stones of the '70s, but it was never featured on the classic rock playlist, and "classic rock" was not the genre someone like Wood was thinking of while making the music.

This style is unusual in that it was conceived retrospectively, and by programmers, not artists.

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