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Criterion elements of doo-wop: Vocal Group Harmony Wide Range of Voices Nonsense Syllables Simple Beat & Light Instrumentation Simple Music & Lyrics. This information is from the book "Doo-Wop The forgotten third of Rock 'n Roll" by Dr. Anthony J. Gribin & Dr. Matthew M. Schiff. Library of Congress 91-77560, ISBN 0-87341-197-8, Page 17 of chapter 2. Published by Krause Publications of Iola, WI. 1992.

Doo Wop was one of the most popular genres of rock & roll and R&B in the late '50s. Doo wop artists were vocal groups, with each singer in the group taking a different part that interweaved with the other singers.
In familial terms, when it comes to Michigan's rap scene, Detroit is the older sibling with trophies on the shelf, and Flint is the step-sibling who ...

In 1975, Smokey Robinson released a smooth, sensuous solo LP of romantic adult soul titled A Quiet Storm. The album eventually gave its name to a style and radio format that aimed to create very similar moods. Quiet Storm also drew inspiration from M...

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