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La Gaita Zuliana is an original musical genre from the Zulia state in Venezuela, declared Heritage of Cultural and Artistic Interest of Venezuela, in some regions of Venezuela and in the communities of Venezuelans around the world it’s related to Christmas, but nowadays it’s a genre that runs throughout the year.

It’s most famous interpreters are Gran Coquivacoa, Guaco and Maracaibo 15, and the topics covered by this genre range from songs to love and religious figures to humorous themes and denunciations. The political element is also the protagonist of many issues.

It was executed initially with cuatro, furro, tambora, charrasca and maracas. Soon they added the bass, the piano, the electric guitar, the congas, the bongo, the cowbell and even brass (trumpet, trombone and saxophone) and drums.

Although the Gaita was born as a folkloric expression, it's evolution became at the beginning of the 70’s a Latin style influenced by Caribbean music, especially salsa and merengue. Most of the Gaita music that was recorded can be registered in the Latin genre.

Note: Don’t confuse with the musical instrument.


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