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Hyper Techno is a fuse of a few styles of music, most notably Italodance and Techno, but can also include elements from genres such as Rap and Metal. Production was mostly done in Italy for the Japanese market, but some tracks were made in other parts of Europe. The style came about when [a223281] wanted to challenge the Japanese market by taking a new musical step. The idea was creating a mix of classic techno (early 90’s) and heavy metal. The result was what would become the first Hyper Techno track, DJ Sick Infected By Bulldozer (2) & Dr. D.O.P.E. - Dance Got Sick Part Three (Tech-Core Rap Sickness) from the [m491873] EP. Producers [a330716] and [a53380] would also become involved with this style of music which was primarily produced for the [l2305] label but would sometimes get 12" releases.

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