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Jungle is a mainly sample-based style of Electronic music that emerged during the mid-90's in the UK. The genre emerged out of styles such as Hardcore, often using the same breakbeats and the same equipment. Jungle is characterized by high tempos (140 to 175 BPM being the average), chopped-up and often seemingly random breakbeat sequencing, heavy basslines, Reggae influence, and the iconic sound of Akai cyclic timestretch. Jungle also focuses on a sense of atmospheric intelligence contrasting with the violent sound of high tempo drums and basslines, juxtaposing the sounds of Romplers and samples of New-Age songs with the heavy, relentless chopping of breaks such as the famous Amen break. It is said to have given birth to such genres as Drum And Bass and Breakcore.

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Thatguy37 posted 4 years ago:

This has to be the absolute worst excuse for spelling, grammar, sentence structure ever for an entry on Discogs or Discogs Wiki. I'd be embarrassed if I had no better command of the English language. Shameful, since the author does seem to understand the subject he writes about.

bananasandPopcorn replied 3 years ago:


I learned something.

OntologyMane replied 3 years ago:

I gotta say, the whole thing is a bit mashed together, no offence to the author of it, it just needs some work, but it's not "shameful", at that point you're just making a humorously big deal out of it. To be honest, my criticism of it is that it tries too hard to explain it in a familiar way to those who haven't heard it, comparing it to Jazz-rock (for some reason), mentioning some genre called "raggamuffin" (which I guess means Reggae), and for some reason saying that it was a softer genre than both DnB and Dub (which makes literally no sense whatsoever). If I was to write one I would show it's links to Hardcore and House, mention the Akai hardware involved (since their sound and timestretch was a huge part of the genre), and also mention it's links to Reggae and early Dancehall for samples and influence on bassline structures. Idk, just my thoughts on it.

Duck_aka_Ontology replied 3 years ago:

Redid it, i have the original saved in a text file if it needs to be undone.

OntologyMane replied 1 year ago:

Okay, so looking back at my alterations I think they could definitely use some cleanup and further additions; however, it would probably be beneficial if others also input some of their knowledge (and better writing skills) so that we can establish a firm, informative descriptor that those interested in the genre may use to kinda get an idea of it's history.

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