Melodic Hardcore

(also called Skate Punk )

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Melodic Hardcore is a Punk Rock music genre that breaks away from Hardcore Punk's aggression but not it's intensity or socially conscious undertones, retaining the distortion, fast tempos with addition of energetic, screamed vocals and with a melodic approach to guitar riffs. Originating as an outgrowth of the mid-80s Washington D.C. Hardcore scene with bands Dag Nasty and All oft-credited as pioneers of the style, inspired by previous acts Descendents, Bad Religion and Faith.
By the turn of the 90s it helped define the sound of the Skate Punk subculture and was a major influence on the development of Emo Rock. The genre underwent a revival in the 2000s by the hand of acts like Rise Against, undergoing notable cross-polination with Pop Punk, Emo and later Metalcore.

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