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Progressive Breaks is a Breakbeat subgenre which was mostly popular during the late-90s to early/mid-2000s. It is heavily influenced from Progressive Trance and Breakbeat of the early-90s, and was popularized by artists such as BT, Way Out West, Hybrid, and Sasha, to name a few. The genre also adopts many elements from Acid, House, and traditional Trance.

Unlike the standard drum loops found in traditional Breakbeat, most tracks contain programmed drum patterns with the use of drum machines and/or individually sampled drum sounds.

Progressive Breaks gradually reach a climax like other progressive genres, and tend to (but not always) focus on melody. It features soundscapes and ambient samples, synth pads, strings, reverberated vocal samples, and occasionally includes vocals containing lyrics. The genre is typically played between 130BPM to 150BPM, and can vary throughout.

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