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R&B and funk influenced jazz that is usually considered a very "poppy" and commercial form of the genre. Usually very downtempo and mellow, and features prominent bass. Almost always instrumental. Melodies are usually made with saxophones, but may also include trumpets, clarinets or oboes. Synthesizers and electronic drums are very common. The style appeared in the mid 70s to the early 80s. Not to be confused with easy listening.

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lmwilliamsjr posted 5 months ago:

I was really shocked to find out that that Discogs has Mose Allison's 1983 release "Lessons in Living" categorized as "Smooth Jazz". Is it Eric Gales on guitar or Lou Donaldson on saxophone? I can't imagine that it was the Jack Bruce bass or Billy Cobham drums. I don't consider the pianist/trumpeter/vocalist "Smooth Jazz" and he doesn't seem to fit the description criteria, but now I feel obligated to review other Mose Allison releases. At the same time it leads me to question other descriptions of artists and albums that I don't know or don't know well.

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