(also called Space-Age Pop Exotica, Bachelor Pad Music )

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Originating in the space age of the 1950s and 1960s, Space-Age incorporates exotic electronic instruments like the theramin and innovative stereo recording techniques to create a "futuristic" sound. On, the following description for Space-Age is listed:

"It's rarely simple enough in structure and instrumentation to be called rock (and certainly retains enough of a sense of humor to be disqualified as art rock). It's not serious or straightforward enough to be called jazz. It's often too esoteric or extreme to be called pop. It's in some middle ground between all of these, which means it's populated with the outcasts from other well-established genres," concluding that Space-Age as a result "is full of brilliant, bizarre, and exciting sounds, which are particularly striking to ears accustomed to the stereotypes that populate the more familiar genres."

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