Archive obsolete and orphaned topics

This should become an index of topics which have been moved from the
main page. This is mainly for suggestions and discussions which are now
implemented into Discogs or were otherwise superseded by the development
of the site. These pages might still provide a useful resource.

When you move a topic please move the complete original caption and
explain why this topic is now obsolete, giving links to more up-to-date
pages if such exist.

  • Draft Submission Limits FAQ (moved 2007-09-12) -
    This article explains the dynamic submission limit system that was
    in place in summer 2007. This system was replaced by the unlimited
    "unmoderated database" in Discogs version 3.
  • Dev-Outstanding-Database-Issues
    (moved 2008-06-07) - This article was a temporary space in which to
    list & prioritize bug reports & feature requests. The issues were
    transferred to the Disbugs tracker
    in December 2007.