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Bonton is a label which was operated by different companies in Slovakia
and the Czech Republic.

The label is not properly catalogued on Discogs. On this page you can
find an overview of the current situation and some information about the
label's history.

Bonton on Discogs

Currently the following entries are used for Bonton releases:

Bonton (label) (currently
regarded 'invalid')

[ Bonton Music a.s.

[ Sony Music
/ Bonton s.r.o. (company)]

[ Bonton
Music Slovakia s.r.o. (company)]

Bonton's brands

The Bonton companies used the following brands:

  • Bonton Records, written on spine of this release from
  • Bonton Music 1 (1994),
    2 (1995),
    3 (1995)
  • Bonton 4,
    5 (1995),
    6 (1991)
  • Supraphon 7(1995)


Timeline in Czech Republic

1989: Bonton label founded. Run by company named Bonton Music a.s.

Over the years, the Bonton company developed into a media conglomerate
called Bonton Group covering music, film, radio, written media and

1998: The Bonton Group and Sony Music Czech Republic form a
joint-venture: Sony Music / Bonton s.r.o. The Bonton Group owned a 49%
stake and Sony Music
(Billboard Magazine, March 7, 1998)

2003: Bonton Group sells it's 49% stake in the Sony Music / Bonton
s.r.o. company to Sony Music. Sony Music / Bonton s.r.o. ceases to
(Billboard Magazine, July 5, 2003)

2004: Sony Music Entertainment (Czech Republic) s.r.o. launches on
January 1st.
(Billboard Magazine, May 8, 2004)

Timeline in Slovakia

The Bonton label was operated by Bonton Music Slovakia s.r.o.
(foundation unknown, possibly 26.09.1995)

1999: Sony Music / Bonton Slovakia s.r.o. joint-venture is launched on
Sept 9th.

Open items

  • Are Bonton, Bonton Music and Bonton Records the same label?
  • History needs more dates
  • was 'Sony Music / Bonton Slovakia s.r.o.' succeeded by a Slovak Sony
    Music Entertainment company?
  • What happened with the Supraphon label, which was also owned (and
    sold?) by the Bonton Group in 2003/2004?
  • How should 'Bonton Music a.s.' be interpreted when it's written on
    the spine of releases like