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LC 0149


This info is currently on the label page, repeated here:

What became CBS was founded as The "Columbia Broadcasting System" in
1927 as a joint venture by Columbia Records and New York City talent
agent Arthur Judson. It originally went on the air on September 18, 1927
as The Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting System with 47 radio stations.

This radio network lost money in its first year, and on January 18, 1929
Columbia Records sold out its interests in the radio network to a group
of private investors. The network was renamed The Columbia Broadcasting
System, and for the next nine years Columbia Records and CBS were
independent unrelated companies.

In 1938, radio was a major force in entertainment while the record
industry was still in the doldrums from the Great Depression, and CBS
purchased its former parent company Columbia Records.

In March 1968 CBS/Sony Records Inc. (CBS/Sony) was established as a
50-50 joint venture between CBS Inc. (USA) and Sony (Japan). It was
renamed to CBS Sony Inc. in August 1973 and again to CBS/Sony Group Inc.
in August 1983.

In 1988, CBS sold the CBS Records Group (including the venerable
Columbia label) to Sony, which renamed the group Sony Music
Entertainment Inc..

Sony has since merged with BMG in 2004.

Regions / Markets

Started/based in the USA.

Regions/markets currently listed as sub-labels on the discogs page:

  • CBS Disques (France)
  • CBS Grammofoonplaten BV (Holland)
  • CBS Records AB (Sweden)
  • CBS Records Aps (Denmark)
  • CBS Records AS (Norway)
  • CBS Records Australia
  • CBS Records New Zealand
  • CBS Schallplatten GesmbH. (Austria)
  • CBS Schallplatten GmbH (Germany)
  • Discos CBS S.A. (Spain)

The rest of the releases are listed on the main CBS page. Most of these
labels don't have many releases on them, they are probably on the main
CBS page.


Many of these seem to be sub-labels of the CBS Inc. company rather than
the CBS (US) record label brand.

Parent label/s



Would need to be seperated up. Some of the existing are sub-labels of
the CBS (US) label; some are sub-labels of company CBS Inc.

Catalogue# Patterns

It seems that there are several cat# series that appear both on the
main page and the regional sublabels. Some belong to particular regions.

Caution: CB xxx are distribution codes, they must not be set as cat#

CBS Australia / CBS New Zealand

There is a series of cat# specific to these regions. At the moment some
are listed on these sub-label pages and some are listed on the main
page. The cat# are shared in these countries, but each had its own
company/label pressing them. When the master release function comes,
users may want to differentiate their Australian or NZ pressing.

Exclusive to this territory: BA 12xxx for 12" singles, BA 22xxxx for 7"
singles, SBP for LPs

Releases were also released in these countries with cat# format that is
used by CBS in other regions. This is the ###### 1 for LP,
###### 2 for CD, ###### 6 for 12", ###### 7 for 7".
It's not clear when or why they swapped between these cat# formats,
however the BA/SBP ones were the only ones used in the 70s, and other
ones came in only in the 80s.

In these countries Epic releases were also released by the CBS company.

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