Company EMI Group plc


Quotes from the Annual Report 2006

EMI Group plc:

''EMI Group is composed of two divisions:

  • recorded music, EMI Music; and,
  • music publishing, EMI Music Publishing.


Our record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol,
Capitol Nashville, EMI, EMI Classics, EMI CMG, EMI Televisa Music, Mute,
Narada, Parlophone and Virgin and are home to a diverse roster of some
1,300 artists who encompass a wide range of musical genres from
classical, jazz, country and Christian music to alternative, rock, pop,
rap/urban and dance music.

EMI Music’s headquarters are in west London and also house the
Continental European regional office. In addition, EMI Music operates
through a network of offices throughout the world. The majority of
these offices are held through lease arrangements.

Trade marks
Our trade marks and trade names are important to our business. We
register our major trade marks and trade names in each country where we
believe it is necessary for the effective protection of our business.
Our major trade marks that are owned worldwide include EMI, Capitol,
Blue Note, Hemisphere, Now, Now That’s What I Call Music!, Best… Ever!,
Parlophone and Angel. The Virgin trade mark and the Virgin signature
trade mark have been licensed in perpetuity exclusively to us by the
Virgin Group for use worldwide in connection with the music business. We
monitor and defend against activities that might infringe or dilute our
trade marks and trade names.

The principal subsidiary undertakings set out below are those which
were held by the Company at 31 March 2006 and, in the opinion of the
Directors, significantly affected the Group’s results and net assets
during the year. Except where otherwise stated, the country of
incorporation is England, the operations are within the United Kingdom,
the shares are in equity share capital and the businesses are wholly

EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing
Capitol-EMI Music, Inc. (USA)
Capitol Records, Inc. (USA)
Chrysalis Records Ltd
EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG
EMI Entertainment World, Inc.
EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd
EMI Music France S.A.
EMI Music Italy SpA
EMI Music Publishing Ltd
EMI Records Ltd
Jobete Music Co., Inc. (USA)
Priority Records, LLC (USA)
Toshiba-EMI Ltd 5
(Japan)(55% owned)
Virgin Records America, Inc.
[,+Inc.] (USA)
Virgin Records Ltd

EMI Group Finance Ltd*
EMI Group Finance (Jersey) Ltd*
EMI Group Holdings (UK) Ltd
EMI Group International Holdings Ltd
EMI Group North America Holdings, Inc. (USA)
EMI Group North America, Inc. (USA)
EMI Group Worldwide Ltd
Virgin Music Group Ltd*

*Held directly by the Company.

Current Hierarchy

It seems we may need a 4 or more layer hierarchy to describe EMI

  1. Group
    1. Division
      1. Subsidiary
        1. Label

So, we need to create at Discogs:

  1. EMI Group plc (this is a group)

    1. EMI Music (this is a division)

      1. Capitol-EMI Music, Inc. (USA) (this is a subsidiary)
      2. Capitol Records, Inc. (USA) (this is a subsidiary)
      3. Chrysalis Records Ltd (this is a subsidiary)
      4. EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG [1] (this is a subsidiary)
      5. EMI Entertainment World, Inc. (this is a subsidiary)
      6. EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd [2] (this is a subsidiary)
      7. EMI Music France S.A. [3] (this is a subsidiary)
      8. EMI Music Italy SpA [4] (this is a subsidiary)
      9. EMI Records Ltd (this is a subsidiary)

        1. ...
        2. Capitol Nashville (this is a label, but is it a label of
          the EMI Records Ltd subsidiary?)
        3. EMI (this is a label, but is it a label of the EMI
          Records Ltd subsidiary?)
        4. EMI Classics (this is a label, but is it a label of the
          EMI Records Ltd subsidiary?)
        5. EMI CMG (this is a label, but is it a label of the EMI
          Records Ltd subsidiary?)
        6. etc..
      10. etc.

    2. EMI Music Publishing (This is a division. Does this need to be
      in the database?)

      1. EMI Music Publishing Ltd (this is a subsidiary, or a
        division? The anual report seems to list it as both)
      2. ?

Quotes from websites

EMI (label):

In 1972, EMI replaced the Columbia and HMV pop music labels with the
EMI record label.

In 1972 EMI moved most of its mainstream acts to it's own newly created
label. The Harvest label continued until the end of the seventies but
Parlophone, Columbia and HMV acts all moved here.

Interesting, in discogs is really a gap between 1971 and 1977 on the
Parlophone page.

EMI (company):

The Electric and Musical Industries Ltd formed in March 1931 from a
merger of the Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd and the Gramophone
Company Ltd

Note: IMO Electric and Musical Industries Ltd was a holding company and
both companies were subsidiaries. The name Columbia Graphophone Company
Ltd was still printed on releases in the 60s:

Electric & Musical Industries Ltd* changed its name to EMI Ltd
in 1971 and the subsidiary
Gramophone Company Ltd became EMI
Records Ltd* in 1973.

In October 1979 THORN Electrical Industries Ltd. merged with EMI
to form Thorn EMI Ltd..

On August 16, 1996, Thorn EMI shareholders voted in favour of demerger
proposals. The resulting media company has since been known by the name
EMI Group PLC.

List of sub-labels of EMI Records (UK) from Discogs

  • Additive
  • Blue Note
  • Capitol Records
  • Capitol Records / EMI-Medley (Denmark)
  • Caroline Records
  • Chemistry
  • Chrysalis
  • EMI (Belgium)
  • EMI (Indonesia)
  • EMI (Philippines)
  • EMI (Singapore)
  • EMI - Odeón
  • EMI Austria GmbH
  • EMI Bovema BV
  • EMI Classics
  • EMI Columbia Austria
  • EMI Czech Republic s.r.o.
  • EMI Electrola GmbH
  • EMI Gold
  • EMI Latin
  • EMI Music (Arabia)
  • EMI Music (Australia)
  • EMI Music (Austria)
  • EMI Music (Brazil)
  • EMI Music (Canada)
  • EMI Music (Finland)
  • EMI Music (France)
  • EMI Music (Germany)
  • EMI Music (Greece)
  • EMI Music (Hungary)
  • EMI Music (Italy)
  • EMI Music (México)
  • EMI Music (Netherlands)
  • EMI Music (New Zealand)
  • EMI Music (North America)
  • EMI Music (Norway)
  • EMI Music (South Africa)
  • EMI Music (Spain), EMI Music (Sweden)
  • EMI Music (Switzerland)
  • EMI Music New Zealand
  • EMI Music Reactive
  • EMI Odeon Chile
  • EMI Records (Malaysia)
  • EMI Video
  • EMI-Valentim De Carvalho Lda.
  • Emidisc (2)
  • Encore
  • Fame
  • Feverpitch
  • Food
  • ForeFront Records
  • FS Studios
  • Heavenly
  • Hydra
  • Jugoton
  • Liberty
  • Minos EMI
  • Monitor-EMI s.r.o.
  • Music For Pleasure
  • Mute Records (UK)
  • Narada Productions, Inc.
  • Nutbush
  • Original Sound Track Recordings
  • Parlophone Records
  • Picture Music International
  • Pomaton EMI
  • Positiva
  • Premier
  • Prolifica
  • Regal (2)
  • Regal Zonophone
  • Sparrow Records
  • Stateside
  • Studio 2 Stereo
  • Syncopate (2)
  • Toshiba EMI Ltd
  • Transcopic
  • Venice In Peril
  • Virgin Records (America)
  • Virgin Records (UK)
  • World Record Club
  • Worship Together
  • Zonophone

This is a list of labels under the EMI banner (from Wikipedia).

List of EMI brands/companies (not listed as EMI Records (UK) sublabels) from discogs

List of EMI brands/companies not in discogs yet