Dev Label Company etc Intermediate Solution Proposal 2011

Labels, Companies, & other Entities - intermediate solution

This is a proposal for an expansion of the label and catalog field to
allow the entry of record companies, copyright holders, manufacturers,
and other such entities commonly found on releases.

In the long term, a more universal system for entering all 'entities'
(artists, labels, companies, copyright holders, manufacturers, studios
etc) is desirable. However, such an update will be a large one for the
site developers to take on - months worth of work. Acknowledging this,
and the submitters pressing needs and desires to include ever more
entities, and to make the system and guidelines easier to use, an update
that will suffice for the medium term is proposed.

This update should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Easy for the submitter - Any change to the data entry has to remain
    as easy, or make it easier, for the average submitter to enter
  • Easy for the database user - The release pages should remain clear
    and easy to read.
  • Easy for the developers - An intermediate update should not take too
    much time for the developers to implement.

The Plan

The proposal is to add a dropdown to the existing label field, allowing
other types of entity to be tagged and added.

The existing label / catalog number field looks like this:

The update will change it to look like this:

The dropdown will include a yet-to-be-determined number of entity types

Proposed to be included immediately:

Record Company
℗/Phonographic Copyright
Licensed To
Licensed From
Manufactured By
Distributed By
Printed By

Proposed not to be included in the initial roll out:

Mastered At
Recorded At
Mixed At
Produced At
Performed At
Filmed At
Created At
Designed At
Lacquer Cut At
Laser-Cut At
Pressed At
Remixed At
Overdubs At

The plus button can be used to add more entities as needed:

On the release page, everything apart from the Label/s *maybe also
series?) and associated catalog number/s will be displayed below the

Catalog number do not need to be entered for every entity. Unless the
entity has a distance catalog number that belongs to it, we can leave
the field blank, and on the entities page, it will display the catalog
number from the label.

The Guidelines

For this update, the guidelines must give the submitter leeway when they
are not sure (or the entity is not defined on the release), and
acknowledge that sometimes the roles are not sharply defined.

Decisions To Be Made / Questions

  • What to include at the top - Labels for sure, how about series?