Dev LabelCompany2009 Entity and Number Overview


These following pages cover ideas for the updating of the Discogs label
and catalog number scheme, in order to develop these fields into a more
universal and versatile system. The advantages of these updates are
users will be able to enter more information directly from the release
to defined fields, therefore making the data entry easier and more

Label / Company Nomenclature

A part of the existing problem is the term 'Label' is too defined.
Whereas the term 'Artist' can reasonably be expanded to producers and
other people involved in a recording, the term 'Label' doesn't fit with
companies or other entities listed on releases.

Whilst it probably wasn't expected that this information would need to
be added to the data at the beginning of the site, development of the
site into more 'major' label oriented releases, as well as general
discussion about how to enter information, has lead us to the
realization that inputting this info directly from release to database
will allow us a more flexible, easy to use, and accurate system.

It is hard to come up with an overall term for the new concept. We are
looking at something that could be a brand, a business, or a series -
basically a name - but excluding artists. I have been calling the
concept 'Entity' up till now, and although I don't find that very
enlightening, I haven't come across a better one, so I'll stick to
Entity in the following documents.