Discogs Guideline Review 2007 08

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Stage 4. Work through all major changes and proposed new sections

This stage is to work through any major changes and proposed new
sections that have been noted during the previous stages, but not

If you are interested in working on a section, simply copy the section
of the live guidelines across to the correct page below and dive in. I
haven't copied all of the guidelines across as they may be tweaked live
for the next while, just making small adjustments. Make sure to make a
post in the Development forum any
changes you make.


1. Agreed standard framework for the guidelines

Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007-Framework -

2. Work on the current guidelines to fit them into the agreed standard framework


The purpose of this stage is to work on the current guidelines to fit
them into the agreed standard framework, to clarify, move, and rewrite
parts as needed, to incorporate small changes, and note major changes
that need discussed. We will build up the new guidelines here, and make
the changes live only once this section is complete. This stage will not
be for major guideline changes or new sections, they should be noted in
stage 4 for further discussion and resolution.

These pages are all locked now, please see the stage 4 update for further changes.

1.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-General Rules For Adding Information To Discogs(inc submission notes)
2.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Artist(inc ANV and joins)
4.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Label / Catalog Number
7.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Release Date
8.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Genres / Styles
10.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Release Notes
11.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Tracklisting(inc all tracklisting field rules)
13.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Updating an Artist Profile
14.Discogs_Guideline_Review_2007/08-Updating a Label Profile



3. Update the 'live' help section guidelines once stage 2 is complete

This will happen 10th of March 2008. Please work on any changes to the
guidelines no later than 23:59 UTC on Sunday the 2nd. Changes done after
this will not be included.