Discogs Guideline Review 2009

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This page follows on from the Guideline Review 2007/08

This page should be used to list out all the outstanding identified
guideline changes that still need discussion, formulating etc.

General Guideline Todo

  • Add glossary
  • Outline new guideline update procedure
  • Create draft PDF
  • Tie guidelines in with current + possible future error checks
  • Review QuickStartGuide, see if it can be made shorter?

Specific Guideline Todo

1. General Guidelines

2. Artist (inc ANV and joins)

  • Join field + colabs - rewording proposal at
    http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/189303#2384328 . This
    incorporates or attempts to address the following:
    • Solve or explain the joined / separated artist name problem -
      Why is Simon And Garfunkel joined? When should this rule be
    • Should there be an automatic separator used for the join field?
      ATM it defaults to no separator, but this is usually (always?)
      not applicable.
      "a comma between them if there is no joiner on the release
      itself.". mjb I believe suggested that the slash (/) seems to be
      a good default, but pipes and commas are also a possibility.
      nik - let's go with a comma, it's less visually distracting for
      me and strikes me as less 'loaded'.
    • Make clarifications under "The Join Field and Artist
      Collaboration" section that collaborating artists must be
      distinct. So, (artist X) Presents (alias of artist X) is not
      considered a collaboration; it must always be split. This topic
      was raised in discussion at
      http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/186422 and the
      proposed guideline change is at

3. Title

  • How to title split releases without a given title.
  • No explicit forbidding of slash-separated titles for
    non-double-A-sided singles without sleeves, should there be?

I think yes! What's the difference if there is no sleeve? In practice
this would mean that a non-double-A-sided release will be submitted with
only title A if there is a sleeve and with 2 titles if there is not.
What's the use of that? Seems confusing to me... (marcelrecords)

4. Label / Catalog Number

5. Format

  • CD versus CDr -
    Needs a few
    lines (and a picture) to explain that commercial, consumer-audio
    CDRs (a.k.a. audio-CDRs) can very well include a barcode and etched
    numbers, but no IFPI codes. A serial number, however, is (seemingly
    without exception) always printed in a "dot-matrix"-like format on
    the inner ring.
  • CD versus CDr - Pressed CDs often are visibly different in their
    data-containing portions, so remove the following blanket statement
    from the guidelines: An additional method to discern if the media
    you hold is a pressed CD or CDr is to look for a difference in the
    hues. A CDr that is burnt will display a ring where the data has
    been written. The ring starts from the inner hub, and will be a
    lighter shade than the rest of the CDr. The less that has been
    burned, or the shorter length of the stored audio, the smaller the
    burnt circle will be. You cannot tell how much data is stored on a
    pressed CD by this same method, as the whole underside will be a
    consistent color.

8. Genres / Styles

Why are styles required for the electronic genre and not for the rest?
Proposal - remove this requirement or even extend it to the other

9. Credits

10. Release Notes

11. Tracklisting (inc all tracklisting field rules)

14. Updating An Artist

Format List

Voting Guidelines

Updating Release Information Guidelines