Alias - A name that an Artist goes under, used when an Artist has two or more names, including 'stage names'.
An Artist's real name(s) is sometimes listed as an 'Alias' of a more commonly-known stage name. See the Guideline.

ANV - Short for 'Artist Name Variation', a special field where we can enter variations in an Artist's name, such as spelling variations, shortened names, nicknames, initials, and different language variations. This feature is objective and indicates exactly what is printed on the Release, including misspellings. Specific information about an ANV can be included on an Artist Page or Release Page. See the Guideline.

API - Application Programming Interface - see

Artist - Any single person or group of people that present themselves as a musician, writer, or other actively involved party in the creative process of making a Release. All Artists get their own Artist Page on Discogs.

Artist Page - Is a Page containing the Releases that form the discography of the Artist, plus additional biography and Artist images. Artist pages cannot be created on their own but only through the submission of a release their name appears on.

CIP - Contributor Improvement Program - see the Guidelines.

Discogs - The name of a website which contains the discographies of audio Artists, with additional biography information, and other related functions.

Croatian Trance - A term used to describe ficticious releases that are not only non-existent but are also cross-referenced to an entire network of fake labels, distributor and addresses supported by imaginary artists created by malicious Users with too much time on their hands. They eventually get caught out and removed.

Editor - A former role on Discogs, an Editor was given more powers than Moderators to vote on more complicated or far reaching Submissions such as Merge Releases or Renaming entire labels in one swoop. Editors retained all the powers they had when they were Moderators, and could continue in this role concurrently with their role as an Editor. Editors are now Voters.

Forum - The official help and discussion pages are here.

Group - User created and run discussion pages are here.

Guidelines - Also referred to as the 'Release Submission Guide' or 'RSG', this part of the help documentation attempts to outline best practice for entering information into the Discogs database - see the almighty Guidelines.

Help Section - The main page linked to with the 'Help' link at the top right of every page, contains the Help Forums, the help documentation including the database guidelines, help for marketplace users, and general explanations about the different aspects of the site.

Label - Any entity or branding that is associated with releasing audio content. Labels get their own page on Discogs, where we can list their biography and discography. The term can be tricky to define, especially where multiple businesses or brands are involved in the Release. Discogs is currently looking at ways to broaden this and make it easier to use.

Label Page - Is a Page containing the Releases (linking to Release Pages) that form the discography of the Label, plus additional Label information and Label images. Label pages cannot be created on their own but only through the submission of a release their name appears on.

Merge Release - A function that merges two releases into one. It is for eliminating duplicate releases. New users often confuse this with Master Release.

Moderation - The former process by which a release is checked through by Moderators, to see if any errors are present, as prescribed by the guidelines. This process still happens on the site, although the term 'moderation' isn't used anymore as the Moderators were turned into Voters.

Moderator - A former role where a trusted User who is given the power to vote on Submissions. Moderators are now Voters.

Moderated Release - A former term used for a submission which had received Moderation by a Moderator to become a Moderated Release, and is
therefore in the correct or checked side of the database. (See also: Unmoderated Release and Release).

Master Release - Often abbreviated MR, this is a set of closely related releases, such as all versions of a particular album, which have been grouped together in order to keep artist and label pages tidy. The MR's artist, title, images and tracklist are obtained from one of the releases in the set (the "key" release). New users often mistakenly say "merge releases" when they mean "create a master release" or "add to a master release". See above for what Merge Release really means.

OP - An acronym for Original Poster, the user who started a thread in the forums or discussion groups.

OS - An acronym that refers to the Original Submitter of a release in the database. In some cases this user may be the only owner (or, at least, had it in front of him at the time) of a given item and could be considered its ultimate authority when questions about duplication or uniqueness arise.

Page - Discogs has Pages for Artists (Artist Page), Releases (Release Page), and Labels (Label Page). Though additional non-database pages exist for other functions such as Forums and Help Section Pages.

PAN - Short for Primary Artist Name. When an artist has minor name variations, the PAN is the only variation that gets to be an 'artist' with a dedicated page in the database. The other variations are ANVs. PANs could also be considered the canonical name.

Rank - A number that is calculated based on the amount of submissions and edits a User has done.

Rankhunter - A pejorative term used for Users who submit many small updates, inferring that they do this simply to increase their Rank.

Release - When a Submission is entered to the database, it become a Release. 'Release' is also a broad term for any audio product that is made for general public consumption, this is the fundamental thing that Discogs catalogs using Release Pages.

Release Page - A page with all the information about a particular release, including its tracklist.

Release Submission Guide - (See Guidelines).

RSG - (See Guidelines).

Submission - When a User enters data into Discogs, it is called a Submission.

Submissions Folder - The display showing a user's submissions - (note it is titled simply 'Submissions').

Submission Notes - A field for comments which Users are expected to complete describing the edit they have made (or details pertaining to a new entry). They help to backtrack undue mistakes, justify corrections that may have been made previously, or omissions by previous users. Submission notes are not visible to the general public.

Submitter - When a User submits a Release, or submits other alterations, they are termed as a Submitter of the Submission to Discogs.

Track - An individual musical work or piece of audio that is separated from other works on a release in some way. On Discogs this generally means each individual numbered/lettered Track listed on a Release's sleeve.

Tracklist - A selection of Tracks listed together in a list. Specifically on Discogs, is the list of Tracks that feature on a Release.

User - A person who uses the site. A logged in user is a person who has signed-up for a User Account.

User Account - An account a User who uses the site has signed-up for on Discogs. All accounts are free.

Voter - The current role for users who have been trusted to check and rate submissions based on their correctness. Voters replaced Editors and Moderators during the Version 4 changes. The Editors and Moderators formed the starting group of Voters, which are now augmented by automatically selected new Voters - see Guidelines

Websubmitter - A negative term, used when a User is suspected of submitting items from another internet site, rather than having the item in their hands. Discogs only allows Submissions made from the real item, for the sake of accuracy and verifiability.