Editor Discussion Guideline Update October 2006 11 General



Discogs Submission Guidelines - General rules


1. The standard Discogs rule for artist
names, track titles, label names, and release titles is the First Letter
Of Each Word Is Capitalized.
2. Artist name particles (e.g. van, von, di, de, la, etc.) can be in
lower case if the artist spells it that way consistently.
3. Artist names which have consistently unique letter-casing will also
be accepted if the artist uses it that way consistently.
4. All other text (Release Notes, Comments
etc) to follow standard English capitalization rules.

* Join Field

Anything that does not fit in the Credits
field can be listed here. "vs.", "meets", "and", "&", "w/", "with", ...
Most of the words or their abbreviations are accepted. The exception is
"vs.", which complies to the Dictionary of Abbreviations (**).

Make sure the second artist is correctly
credited. In many cases, a release is presented as Artist A vs. Artist
B, yet the release itself contains tracks by Artist A remixed by Artist
B. In that case, the remixer must also be
as such, as that is their accurate role.

Note that in no case is "featuring"
suitable for the Join Field, it belongs to Credits.

"Presents" should only be used as a
joiner when it is a full collaboration between two unique artists,
e.g. Final Fantasy presents Tom Stevens

In cases where an
artist is presenting a vocalist, please credit the artist in the main
field, and the vocalist in the credits section, unless the artist is
listed as a producer on the record, in which case credit the vocalist as
the main artist, and give producer credits to the artist.

** Dictionary of Abbreviations

Shortened words follow the general
English grammar rules in that they are terminated by a full stop,
followed by a space before the next word. e.g.: Dr. HJK.

Examples of abbreviations:

vs. (note the lower case 'v')

*** Splitting Guidelines

  1. \<span style="font-size:10.0pt;

font-family:Arial;color:black">Don't split artists you don't know


\<span style="font-size:10.0pt;

font-family:Arial;color:black">Don't split one release and leave behind
20 compilation appearances


\<span style="font-size:10.0pt;

font-family:Arial;color:black">Clean up beforehand, remove redundant
links, images and profiles.


\<span style="font-size:10.0pt;

font-family:Arial;color:black">Do NOT attempt to split a fake
collaboration, e.g. Par-T-One vs. INXS


\<span style="font-size:10.0pt;

font-family:Arial;color:black">Do NOT attempt to split artists who
frequently collaborate (Definition of
frequent: Any artist that has more than 2
collaborative releases (excluding remix