Editor Discussion Guideline Update October 2006 3 Label Catalog Number



Discogs Submission Guidelines - Label / Catalog Number

the label already has releases in Discogs, confirm on the label page
that the supplied catalog number is following the correct format. Where
no catalog number exists, you must enter none into the catalog
number field (note the lower case n). In some cases it may be
necessary to manipulate the catalog number to ensure the logical sorting
of releases on the label page. If any such manipulation is required, be
sure to mention this in both Moderator Notes and Release


Beware: this does
not work for the Warner family and other majors (e.g.

0-22222 US pressing
92 2220 Canadian pressing
922 222-0 German pressing
92-2222-0 Dutch pressing
-> the accurate catalogue number must be used here

the required label is not in Discogs yet, it will be created when you
submit and made live after the first related release is accepted. Check
that the label is not already present under a slightly different name to
that printed on your release.
Releases which are not on a label
should be listed under the Not On Label meta-label
or if appropriate one of the sub-labels that have
been created on Discogs to manage themed groups of Not On Label entries.

It is
possible to list more than one label on a release. This is only to be
used in the case of a joint release between two or more
labels or where an individual release has multiple
catalog numbers on one label.
e.g. 2 labels release something and
each give their own catalog number to the release. This is not to be
used for the same release being re-issued by a different label
– this would require a unique Discogs
. If a release has both sub-label and parent label catalog
numbers, they should all be listed, in order to complete the relevant
discographies. If it was released on multiple labels but one label was
more involved in the release, list that label first.

each label field that is added a catalog number field will also be
added. These must be completed, not left empty. The sequence of catalog
numbers should match the sequence of label fields (e.g. if 3 labels are
listed the catalogue number assigned by the label in the 3rd
label field should be added to the 3rd catalog number field.
If all labels used the same catalog number this should be added to all
catalog number fields.

an individual release has multiple catalog numbers on one label, the
first catalog number field should contain the catalogue number that best
matches the label’s catalog system.


Md 11:52, 17 October 2006 (PDT) - I have made some
minor amends to the wording "if the required bla bla does not exist"
following MONK's ticket here: http://help.discogs.com/ticket/2082
Actually his ticket is somewhat pointless as he seems to have missed the
text he's asking for that's already in both the sections he suggests,
but I've tried to make it a bit clearer.

Md 11:52, 17 October 2006 (PDT) - I question the
validity of the text in red about Warner. How many labels must have
inconsistent catalogues and why is this example useful? Should just be
on the label page IMO.