Editor Discussion Guideline Update October 2006 5 Released



Discogs Submission Guidelines - Released

refers to the date of release. For an exact date enter in the format
"YYYY-MM-DD" (02-Sept 1997 would be 1997-09-02). For an approximate
release date you may enter only the year (in four-digit format, YYYY) or
year and month with "00" for the day (YYYY-MM-00).


the latest copyright date that appears on the release is the one to use.
If there is any doubt, consult other sources. Re-releases of older
material sometimes do not have updated copyright dates on the packaging,
but you should do your best to find the actual date of that release. Be
especially suspicious of CDs with copyright dates prior to 1984.
Using the date of the original release is
incorrect, but it is beneficial to add "Originally released in XXXX" to
the Release Notes

There are
often two copyright dates on a release. One is for the release itself,
including the media and packaging and any visual artwork that appears on
it. This date is usually updated with each release. The other is for the
sound recording that is being reproduced, and this date usually does not
change. The sound recording copyright is designated by the circle-P
(sound recording copyright / phonorecord / published) symbol, and the
release copyright by the circle-C © (copyright) symbol or the word