This page is to help us list errors we can expect to come across on
releases, so we can make proper guidelines for handling them.

Release-based Errors

These are errors that can be transcribed directly from a release, but
provide incorrect information about the audio content or other release
details. The key issue is retention of information vs presentation of
correct information.

  • Spelling errors and misprints
    • Intentional
    • Slang
    • Incorrect with no good reason
    • Original information distorted for bootleg releases
  • Incorrect artists, labels, credits, tracklisting, cat#, date etc
    • discrepancies within the release (CD vs. Sleeve)
    • release vs. label website/ promo sheet info
    • Pressing plant errors
    • Track numbers on side-based media (cassettes and records
      primarily) are numbered without delineation per side
  • Inconsistent track titles (with regard to other instances of the
    track on other releases)
    • discrepancies within the release (CD vs. Sleeve)
    • release vs. label website/ press sheet info
    • Whitelabels and promos vs. final retail copies
    • Original appearance vs. repressings
    • Original appearance vs. tracks on a compilation
  • Unlisted/hidden tracks (Partial list of albums containing a hidden
    • Pregap (Track zero)
    • Attached to another track, after a section of silence
    • Audio included after a series of short silent tracks
    • Parallel grooves on vinyl
    • Songs played in reverse on vinyl
  • Minor typographical inconsistencies based on release market, such as
    umlauts & accents (or the lack thereof)
  • Forced UPPERCASE or lowercase issues
    • Consistent artistic intent (example:
    • Inconsistent from album to album
    • Non-roman characters
    • Name segments and Versus (van, de, vs.)

User-transcription Errors

Though some of these could be issues to discuss or provide further
guidelines, these are often simply overlooked by submitters and require

  • Side-based media (cassettes and records primarily, could also
    include LaserDiscs, Dual-sided DVDs, and more)
    • Track numbers are numbered without delineation per side
    • Same numbering on both sides (Same version of the same song on
      both sides)
      • Possible answers: list one side and note both sides are the
        same, or list both sides and note they are the same, not a
    • Numbering continues, even though the side designation changes
      (ex: A1, A2, B3, B4 instead of A1, A2, B1, B2)
      • Is this a non-issue? If the tracks are numbered as such, it
        could be fine as-is
  • Country-specific labels should have matching country designations on
    all media, or release notes why it differs
  • Release notes are for packaging notes (digipak, jewel case, etc),
    notes on the release details
    • The number of releases in a limited edition would go in release
      notes, but Limited Edition goes in the format
  • Format fields are for release format and edition (Vinyl, Limited
    Edition, LP)
    • Format fields should only use Free Text when no drop-down
      option suffices (CD1 of 2, Special Edition, Transparent)