Discogs Label project 2006

This is a project to improve the way labels and their associated
companies are dealt with in the Discogs database. The outcome should be
a clear way to list the complexities of labels and music industry
companies. The solution will solve all the eventualities we uncover on
the label and company pages, but should also be as easy to use as
possible for new users. Adding to the complexity of this task is the
fact that a lot of labels / companys have changed roles or names over
the years, and reflecting this change in a coherent way will be one of
the biggest challenges.

Labels and Companies

The company and label pages should be used to try to deduce the history
and hierarchy of a company/label. What will be especially helpful is a)
a complete history of the company/label, and b) a rundown of the current
structure at least, with divisions, labels, sub labels etc, the catalog
number differences, country differences, and anything else that can help
identify the correct label for a release.

Of assistance would also be information or knowledge (possibly with
additional fields in the label page) of local licencees and distributors
which could, in some instances, even be competing companies.


  • ARIA Licensing Copyright Owners &
    This is a list, c. 2005, of companies registered in Australia that
    hold copyrights for sound recordings (Schedule A) and the many
    labels (brands) controlled by those companies (Schedule B).



Possible New Label Functions For Discogs

  • 'Series' field -- releases that form part of a series can be seen on
    same page together. Either a single label, or sometimes across
    labels, eg. Columbia did
    the "Lansdowne Series" of jazz
    recorded at
    London's Lansdowne Studio. Possible idea: multiword (ie. either
    "Smith" or "Smith Series" accepted) 'tags' for releases so multiple
    tags can apply to the same release if necessary. Dunno about
    editability of the tags once in place though??
  • Sub-label links with dates
  • Company pages with just sub-labels, no releases of their own. May
    even need hierarchical companies to properly describe the structure
    (e.g. EMI).
  • A territory drop down (similar to the country dropdown for releases)
  • A 'label renamed' function with dates (how the heck will this
  • A way to show the different owners of a label during the labels

Terms used and formatting of pages

1) Labels - have releases, cat#'s, and all the other usual things
on Discogs. 2) Companies - which own labels and do not release items
directly. These are sometimes 'hacked' at Discogs by making a dummy
release to add a company with no releases.

Please check out Formatting page for some ideas
of how to lay out a label page using headers to organize information
(please update this as nessasary).