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Enhanced RCA Labelography Codes

The most-frequently used labelography codes for RCA releases (e.g. UR1, UR2, UE1, UE2, etc.) are confusing, incomplete, and do not provide for sub-variations. Recognizing that many collectors are accustomed to these codes, we have preserved these in this guide—while providing a newer and more-robust parallel set of labelography codes.

These new labelography codes follow a more descriptive and consistent pattern (e.g. US-SD-LS-4R) followed by the older, more basic, codes (UR2) so that the two can be used simultaneously.

Labelography Key

Abbreviation Description Exampes
US, CA, etc. Country (ISO 3166 Alpha-2 code) United States, Canada
SD, SS, WD, RS, etc. Label Type “Shaded Dog”, Soria Series, “White Dog”, Red Seal
LS, S, M, etc. Sub-Series Living Stereo”, Stereo, Mono
1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Iteration Sequence Fourth Iteration
I, R, H Pressing Plant ID Indianapolis, Rockaway, Hollywood

This pattern provides for several advantages:

  • These new codes follow the release dates sequentially (unlike the original codes)
  • Release country follows an established standardized abbreviation
  • Label variations (e.g. “White Dog” are explicitly identified)
  • Sub-series variations such as monophonic, stereophonic, “Living Stereo”, Electronically Processed, Quadradisc, Red Seal .5 Series are clearly communicated
  • Pressing plant label variations are supported


Pressing Plant Identifier Codes

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