Relax Mixes

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - "Relax"

As you can see, "Sex Mix" and "New York" are applied haphazardly.

Official versions released in 1983:

duration annotation/mix title(s) on releases description
3:56 7" Version / Original 7" / "Suck It" the standard 7" version; actual duration is about 3:54; a trade magazine print ad hyped the track with the playful text "move", which was then misinterpreted as a version title by early discographers and music press
16:24 Sex Mix / Original Mix / "From Dry To Moist" an experimental remix; Sex Mix is the most correct version title
8:20 Sex Mix / Sex Mix Edit / New York Remix version called Sex Mix (Edition 2) in a print ad; it is an edit of the 16:24 mix and was created in response to gay clubs complaining about some "offensive content" in the longer version; it was edited by Holly Johnson, Trevor Horn, and J.J. Jeczalik (per an online discussion with Johnson in 2016); it should not be called the New York Remix
4:24 "From Soft To Hard" / Instrumental / Bonus / Bonus, Again daily sign-in skit + a capella chorus, then an instrumental version
3:31 The Last Seven Inches! / Warp Mix / DJ Mix the a capella chorus and intro of "From Soft To Hard" which then cuts into a very heavily edited 7" version

Official versions released in 1984:

duration annotation/mix title(s) on releases description
3:56 Come Fighting / LP Version only released on the album; it is very similar to the 7" version, but a more polished mix
7:23 U.S. Mix / U.S. Dance Mix / Long Version / New York Mix / Sex Mix version called New York Mix in a print ad; the common extended version; first half is instrumental; mixed by Trevor Horn in Nov. 1983 and released circa January 1984 (per a Record Mirror ad); should not be called the Sex Mix at all
3:02 Edit from a US promo 7" and cassette and later appearing on The Island Story compilation; it is simply the 2nd half of the U.S. Mix
6:15 Sex Mix from a Greece-only 12"; fans call it Greek Disco Mix; it the first 2:29 of the 8:20 Sex Mix followed by a mix which is very much like the 7" version, but with extra reverb

There is also a 3:55 untitled mix which fans call the Classic 1993 Version; it is very similar to Come Fighting and first appeared on singles & compilations starting in 1993, but by all appearances seems to have been created in 1984.

Many of the releases say ℗ or © 1983 even when they are from 1984.