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The style guide is an informative collection of descriptions of musical
styles as captured in the Genre and Style fields in Discogs release
data. Use the navigation links above to browse pages describing the
valid styles for each genre. Also feel free to log in and edit whatever
needs corrections, clarifications, or additional info.

See also: the announcement
about this

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Adding or changing styles

We used to have a single place in the old Trac ticket system where style
requests were collected. There is no equivalent ticket in Disbugs. Don't
create one. We also used to use Discogs Development forum threads for
style proposals. This
put an end to
both practices and said to use the wiki from now on. However, discussion
is more visible and easier to carry out in the forums, so the ADDING
in the Discogs
General forum
was used for
a while. That thread was locked in August 2008. People are still using
the Adding/Updating Information
for discussing
proposals as well.

What do you do in the meantime? See the
where nik
says "For the moment, if you can't find the style, just enter the

Updating the Submission Guidelines

Propose updates to the Genres/Styles section of the Submission
Guidelines in the Genres/Styles guideline

or this forum thread.