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Isn't it a bit eurocentric to include "europop", but not "afropop"?
Afropop is a very broud classification, though, so ideally many of the
different variations, like kwaito, should be included as well. Further
reading at e.g.
Danmichaelo 06:09, 14 July 2009 (PDT)

Buchiage Trance

A sub-genre of Trance pioneered by Japanese artists that can be
identified by heavily melodic, complex, and high-pitched synthlines.
Most BPMs lie within 140~150. Many compositions favor use of one or two
line vocal samples as build-ups and fill-ins. Buchiage Trance can be
compared to Trance in the same way as Happy Hardcore is to that of the
Hardcore genre. It is mainly more uplifting and high energy than
original Trance.

Example Artists:

More Styles for World-Country-Folk

I noticed that most of the styles that show up under the heading of
"World-Country-Folk" mostly only really apply to Country. I thought it
would be nice to have some styles that give some indication of the
different types of folk or world being presented in a given release. For
instance it would be nice to have "traditional" under the Folk heading,
in order to differentiate from folk music which is essentially singer
songwriter type material. There is probably a lot more variation under
the headings of Folk and World, than there really is under the heading
of "Country", but as yet the database doesn't reflect
this. --Grumpiness 16:13, 27 December 2008
(PST) The wikipedia article could be referred to for indications
2. In particular I think some
sort of line could be drawn between folk music that is indicative of a
particular culture, and folk music that is basically pop music played in
a folky manner.--Grumpiness 18:22, 27
December 2008 (PST)