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Useful resources outside of Discogs

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If it isn't noted, the site is written in English.

Sources for writing credits and the like

You can look up songwriters and composers via these online databases.
These databases are not always a 100% match for what's printed on a
release; they show the names of people who are currently designated to
collect royalties. When searching, you may have better luck searching
for partial matches, and experiment with omitting punctuation.

Performing rights organizations
Other catalogs
Cover songs databases

Genre-specific discographies

  • hotdiscomix: Remix
    selected services like Disconet, Hot Tracks, Ultimix, etc.
  • Wangdangdula - Selective but very
    comprehensive 7" artists and labels discographies in blues, R&B, and
    early rock'n'roll.
  • Color Radio - Database for music
    from the 50's/60's (doo wop, 60's rock, rhythm & blues, soul, ...)
Country and Western
Electronic genres and styles
Folk & Traditional
  • NetHymnal - A very comprehensive database
    linking hymn writers to their hymns along with thousands of
    biographies and images.
  • Hymnary - A comprehensive database
    detailing hymn writers, hymns and more. Many thousands of entries
    exist here.
  • Jazz Discography Project - Discography
    and complete sessionographies for selected major jazz artists and
    labels, 1950's til present.
  • Jazz Standards - lyrics and music
    credits, limited to the standards (a standard is a composition
    that is held in continuing esteem and is commonly used in musical
    repertoires, e.g., as the basis of jazz arrangements and
  • Redhotjazz - 78 RPM Jazz
    discographies, searchable by label and bands.
  • LondonJazzCollector
Rock, Metal, Punk
Reggae, Dance Hall, Soca and associated styles
Soul, R&B
  • The Holy Hip Hop Database - A database
    focusing on Hip Hop and Rap in the Christian market (as of 2014,
    over 3,000 releases and almost 1,000 artists have been cataloged)
  • Soulfulkindamusic - Mainly 7"
    records discographies for major, classic era soul & R&B artists,
    groups and labels.

Format specific discographies


Location-specific discographies

  • Danpop - Danish releases. Comprehensive
    discography for national labels as well as Danish versions of
    international labels releases, 1950's and 1960's only.
  • ANORMUS A Nordic Music Guide
    - by Popöga, Swedish
    music zine since 1990, covering music from Denmark, Finland,
    Iceland, Norway, Sweden or the Faeroes
  • (SE) Alternativ Musik I Sverige
  • Punktipset (SE) Svensk Punk, Powerpop,
    Ska, NY Vag Och Rock 1977-1986
  • Svensk Mediedatabas -
    The Swedish Media Database (SMDB) - search service for the
    audiovisual collections at the National Library of Sweden (KB)
  • Marmalade Skies - British
    psychedelia of the 60s. Also occasional Prog Rock, Folk-Rock,
    Glam-Rock and Australasian psych.

Label-specific discographies and info

Sites covering multiple labels
Single label discographies

Artist discographies

Sites covering multiple artists
Single artist discographies

Chart databases

Assorted other sites of information

Other research tools

  • - home to the
    Wayback Machine, moderately useful for finding additional
    information on slightly older submissions, from websites that are
    now defunct or have removed useful pages.
  • Free Translation - including the
    major European languages, Russian, Japanese, and both Simplified and
    Traditional Chinese
  • Google language tools
  • Babelfish by Altavista; like
    google's, but better
  • Word Reference - good for trying to
    figure out odd words, if automagic translation systems don't do
    well, or English isn't your native tongue
  • -
    helpful for figuring out some odd credits
  • Merriam-Webster Online - another dictionary
  • Reddit/translator -
    translation help at Reddit

Other useful tools

  • Online OCR - Free optical character
    recognition software]
  • TypeIt - Type accent marks, diacritics and
    other characters
  • Windows Alt Key
  • Shapecatcher - Unicode character
  • Jing - Allows screen grabs
    with diagrams and publishes content with one click to either a
    public or private folder, automatically adding the hyperlink to your
    clip board.
  • PhotoFiltre - Free
    easy to use image editor
  • URL Clean - Extract a direct link from a
    Google result URL.